Our Capabilities and Services

We mostly work with our clients to create specifications and develop custom software to improve their business. We have a formal “Capabilities and Services” document available which details our offerings.

How to create an Insightly CRM opportunity via API

This is a legacy article, from a previous version of our website. First published 2015. Recently I had a query from a potential client about using a Gravity Form to raise an opportunity in their Insightly CRM system.

How much does custom software cost – options deep dive

Figuring out custom software cost is tricky. Of course the answer is to just ring a few places and ask! Unfortunately there’s typically an up-front cost to preparing project details, and then the high pressure sales pipeline. A good custom software project will pay itself off many times over in it’s usable lifespan, and require… Continue reading How much does custom software cost – options deep dive

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Testing in Motion

Or “How Unit and Functional tests let us upgrade our framework from June 2014 to January 2017” (about 25 years in modern PHP!)

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New Dev Machine

It’s a bit of a painful experience to upgrade a Windows developer machine to a new one,

Coding conventions we use

Like most of our articles, these conventions serve as our living, breathing coding guidelines for projects we undertake.

Functional Testing in Laravel – Snippets

We place a heavy emphasis on functional and unit testing for client projects, which are often Single Page Apps or “Business As Usual” tools (such as inventory management, job management).