React Native: Writing a native Android module

It’s difficult to find clear, up-to-date instructions for writing a native Android module for your React Native project. I spent about half a day piecing this all together from a few sources, so here’s how it ended up. Prerequisites: React Native is installed and up and running If you used expo, you should have ejected… Continue reading React Native: Writing a native Android module

I18n in Expo and React Native

Apparently, the whole world doesn’t speak english! Here’s how to add i18n support to your react native project. This article specifically addresses expo, since we’ll be working around i18n tools requiring react-native link. We’re working on WooToApp, which is a native app builder for WooCommerce Stores. It now features¬†internationalisation and language switching (of course!). Add… Continue reading I18n in Expo and React Native

React Native: UI Libraries Compared

I’ve listed below a few react native libraries that are useful from time to time. Shoutem 3264 github stars Homepage¬†Github NativeBase 8268 github stars Homepage Github React Native Elements 10309 github stars Homepage¬†Github