Software Development

Custom Software Development can give your business an edge in profitability, turn-around time, and day to day accuracy.


We work with you to architect a database structure that suits the way your business runs now. Storing information about clients, products, jobs, invoices in the correct way means staff can save and access the information correctly later.

Information is stored in one place — it’s important we identify the mission-critical excel spreadsheets that sit on people’s desktops! Custom software development ensures this key information is shared through-out your organisation so all of your staff have it at hand.

We’ve built these platforms time and time again, so we’ve got the right tooling and know how to ask the right questions to get the job done.

Craftsman working

Cross Platform

Modern workplaces are not just windows desktops anymore. Graphics staff on macs, sales staff on laptops which may or may not be in the office. Critical information can be lost if staff out in the field can’t update the office right now. If your business is investing in custom software development, it’s important to ensure the tooling is available to all of your staff. Our software is available for Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and fall-back to web browser access.

High Up-time, High Reliability

We’ve built Code Workshop by listening to our happy customers and focusing on what works for them.

We are obsessive about automated testing for our software, which ensures that software we build today has the same functionality in a month or 5 years time, no matter who has worked on it in the meantime.

Every line of code saved triggers an automated testing workflow that tests all functionality of your app — we can’t push code to your production environment that hasn’t passed all of our tests.

A Factory

We run our client applications in a secure Sydney data center with 4 hourly total data backups.

All of our clients know who to call when they need work done on apps that we’ve deployed, so they’re never stuck without help.