WordPress Development

WordPress, for better or worse, is no longer a blogging platform. It’s a whole application eco-system that is making it’s mark on software development forever.

We work on and maintain a range of WordPress Applications and Plugins for our clients, each with unique bells and whistles that sets them apart from regular sites.

We don’t really do ‘3 page websites’

We’re not your typical┬áthemed-wordpress-site factory — we help our clients with tricky problems and integrations that arise from their WordPress software.

Our existing clients who use WordPress usually come about when their requirements start pushing the boundaries of WordPress functionality or structure, and we help them to continue to see return on that investment.

This may mean custom back-office integrations for an online store, external software tools that use WordPress as a back-end, or WordPress plugins to interface with a third party tool.

We have a battle-tested list of preferred plugins and hosts that we suggest to bring reliability and speed to your WordPress site, if necessary.