Sample Homestead.yaml file for windows

I use Vagrant/Homestead for PHP, WordPress, Laravel development at Code Workshop day in day out with no issues anymore about ‘developing on windows’. xdebug bolts up fine, and there’s far fewer issues when deploying to production because of the matching linux environment. Here’s a cut down example of my homestead.yaml file that I use and… Continue reading Sample Homestead.yaml file for windows

Laravel Snippets: Useful Packages

I’ve got a library of go-to packages for Laravel projects that can knock days off a project. When the wheel is invented, developed, and proven in production, there’s no good business case to do it again.

Google Cloud Print Integration – automated printing

A Google Cloud Print integration somewhere at your business will likely save you time and money. Google Cloud Print is a print on demand service that you leverage to bring your website closer to your business operations.