WooToApp – Convert a WooCommerce store to a mobile app

I’ve had my head down with a few trusty devs coming up with a beta to bundle up and convert a WooCommerce store to a mobile app.

There’s a few solutions around that don’t do an excellent job of it and there’s no clear and obvious existing solution on the market.

With the help of your API keys, WooToApp is a native mobile app container that downloads and caches data from your online store so customers can checkout seamlessly. Quality wise, we’re aiming for The Iconic/Kogan level quality, delivered to businesses that can’t justify a dedicated iOS and Android development team.

Native Experience

It’s built from the ground up using React-Native to deliver a native experience to both iOS and Android users. That means awesome features like integrated payment gateways, unlimited push notifications and over the air updates for styling and features.

Customisable & Extendable

Of course out of the box there’s a standard style that receives your branding and colour treatment (and your current full product catalog), so from there we’ll work together to ensure anything additional you need has been included in the app.

Trusted Developer

We look after new iPhone and Android releases so your team can stay dedicated to their own development efforts, comfortable that the mobile app is being monitored and maintained by a third party.

Beta Signup – convert your WooCommerce store to a mobile app

Check out the progress so far at https://www.wootoapp.com/ — we’re taking limited beta signups to convert their WooCommerce stores to mobile apps.

Next up of course will be converting Magento stores to mobile apps.