Google Cloud Print Integration – automated printing

A Google Cloud Print integration somewhere at your business will likely save you time and money.

Google Cloud Print is a print on demand service that you leverage to bring your website closer to your business operations.

Google Cloud Print Logo

When a particular trigger occurs (an order is placed on website), you can cause a particular document to be printed (a picking slip), to a printer you control (a printer in warehouse).

How does it save you time and money?

Google Cloud Print is a set and forget integration. Once all the building blocks are placed correctly, it never needs to be touched again.

If you mentally add up how long it takes to:

  • Receive new order notification
  • Open browser window, maybe sign in to website
  • Locate order, open order details
  • Print order information
  • Wait for printout

Then multiply by the amount of orders you receive in a week or a month, there’s a real dollar value to this integration that your business shouldn’t ignore.

Print an inventory picking slip for warehouse, a packing sheet & a shipping label for fulfilment, and a reconciliation sheet at end of day to cut out some real work. All to different printers if necessary.

What do we need?

  • A printer. Ideally, dedicated to this task (this way, staff can see when there’s orders ready)
  • A google account. We’ll use this to generate authentication tokens that are used to allow secure printing.
  • Documents to be printed must be hosted on the internet, not on your internal network.

What else?

It’s free to run. It’ll cost you to a fee to document your existing process and integrate Google Cloud Print into your system. There’s no charge per document or per month to use the service.

It’s offered by Google, so has Google engineering quality and reliability backing it up.

We’ve deployed or helped to deploy Google Cloud Print for multiple clients in multiple business verticals (one even prints to different printers, in different physical sites, based on the order!), so we’re across the nitty gritty details.