SaaS Case Study: Elvenda – Dropshipping in Australia

I’m working on an Australian dropshipping platform for ecommerce businesses, Elvenda.

It’s a technically interesting platform because it needs to regularly import and export thousands of products from a range of ecommerce platforms (so you can dropship with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and plenty of others).

The product also has a robust payments engine, seamlessly making transfers straight from ecommerce stores to back-end suppliers, subtracting fees, and creating accounting records for back-office.

Rule management is a tricky and moving target. Baseline processes are put in place for package not delivered, fraudulent actors, and product dead on arrival. Both suppliers and shippers agree to a set of terms that will be enforced by the Elvenda dropshipping platform.

Elvenda is fairly platform agnostic, so ecommerce vendors that typically aren’t well served by integrators can be easily connected — Oberlo is synonymous with Shopify dropshipping (for now…) but dropshipping for BigCommerce, ZenCart are currently underserved in the marketplace.

Elvenda currently works in Australia only — Australian dropshipping suppliers and Australian sellers. This means we can enforce local expectations of shipping turnaround times and local quality standards. It’s important to the platform owners that this isn’t an Ali Baba style ‘sell cheap shit from China’ dropshipping app.

Have a read about dropshipping in Australia on the Elvenda site.