Web App Development

The team at Code Workshop specialise in web app development for small businesses looking to automate, track, and report better.


A web application can pay for itself many times over if it helps to automate tasks carried out by staff, or speeds up repetitive tasks carried out by key staff.

Real life examples where web app development can save time (and therefore money!):

  • Email key customers periodically to inform them of inventory volumes kept in warehouse, and email staff when inventory will run out.
  • Create invoices in Xero when a customer places an order through your online store, or create bills in Xero when a product is ordered through the web app.
  • Automatically schedule a job for processing at the next available window when all pre-requisites are ready

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Tracking & Reporting

Moving key functionality of your organisation to a web application means key metrics and activities can be logged for later auditing and business intelligence. Names and Timestamps of actions carried out can help raise confidence for clients and raise key insights.

Audit logs and insights can be restricted to key users only, for ongoing management.

Separate data sources from different areas of your organisation can be pulled together for consolidated view of the organisation.

  • How long does an average job take to process by this department?
  • Who was involved in job ABC?
  • How much product was wasted when this job ran on the weekend?
  • When were the goods ordered, that haven’t arrived yet?
  • For a given item in store, will we have enough to process a job in 6 weeks (given everything currently scheduled, and all goods currently on back-order)

When you tackle web app development for your business, data integrity comes out of the box. Code Workshop host and maintain your web app, including security patching, updates and 4 hourly backups 7 days a week.

Leverage the cloud

Take advantage of having your business available anytime, anywhere, with no hardware to buy, configure and maintain.

Access from desktop, tablet or mobile device, (but lock down to geographic regions where necessary)

Multiple user logins, access levels and audit tracking. Banking industry grade authentication schemes, HTTPS everywhere, data encrypted at rest.

Deep API integrations for extended functionality in the background (SMS a user that their parcel has left your facility)

All of our client apps include full data backup to co-located facility.

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Is Web App Development right for us?

Web app development is typically more expensive than wordpress development. It tackles individual use cases, unique workflows, one of a kind processes. A WordPress plugin which has already been developed will cost you $50-$500.

Web applications will typically also tackle harder problems than your average wordpress plugin. Detailed reporting, API integrations and custom data models require a bit more work. Having a web app developed for your business which touches multiple departments (say, manufacturing and accounts) will cost you $1000-10000.

Conversely, it’s typically significantly cheaper (take off a zero!) to have a web app developed for your business than purchasing enterprise software. It also comes designed and ready to go for your business from day 1 (without an army of contractors, account managers, sales people, high pressure sales!). Off-the-shelf, customised, enterprise grade ERP systems will cost you $100000+.