React Native: UI Libraries Compared

I’ve listed below a few react native libraries that are useful from time to time. Shoutem 3264 github stars Homepage Github NativeBase 8268 github stars Homepage Github React Native Elements 10309 github stars Homepage Github

GuzzleClientException truncated

By default, a Guzzle error thrown in Laravel will truncate the response body. When you’re deep in an API integration, this is a productivity killer. Here’s an easy way to error log the full response body from the API. try { $response = $client->request( “POST”, $this::$resource, [ ‘json’ => $item ] ); $body = json_decode(… Continue reading GuzzleClientException truncated

Error 403 when creating WooCommerce PUT API call

Apparently, PUT requests and other types of requests fail silently on many shared hosts. I had this error across two different customers who use WooCommerce API integrations. Instead of PUT, simply use POST! As long as you supply the relevant ID, WooCommerce will know you’re making an update.   We came across this while working… Continue reading Error 403 when creating WooCommerce PUT API call

Sample Homestead.yaml file for windows

I use Vagrant/Homestead for PHP, WordPress, Laravel development at Code Workshop day in day out with no issues anymore about ‘developing on windows’. xdebug bolts up fine, and there’s far fewer issues when deploying to production because of the matching linux environment. Here’s a cut down example of my homestead.yaml file that I use and… Continue reading Sample Homestead.yaml file for windows

Laravel Snippets: Useful Packages

I’ve got a library of go-to packages for Laravel projects that can knock days off a project. When the wheel is invented, developed, and proven in production, there’s no good business case to do it again.